Technical Instructor

Individual private Technical Instructor courses

Are you an instructor and wish to become a technical instructor?

Regardless of the organization you are certified in, select us and get certified as a Technical Instructor by ANDI (American Nitrox Divers International). An organization with perhaps the longest history and experience in technical, rebreather and Nitrox diving. ANDI is a small but flexible organization that is constantly in direct contact with its trainers and ready to react to their needs.
The low cost of annual fees for instructor and diving centers, as well as the low priced student materials and certification packages make the courses affordable and the prices attractive for everyone.

In the Technical SafeAir Instructor course you will learn how to train a diver to use enriched gases with oxygen as well as 100% oxygen for diving to a maximum depth of 40 meters and decompression with multiple gases.

Also, if you are already a Trimix diver, you can become a Technical Trimix Instructor for training up to 50 meters and using Nitrox and Trimix gases.

The course is very intensive for one week at the unique price of 750 Euros for TSI and 850 Euros for TTI.
The price includes all the costs for the course, certification, exams and annual fee for the first year to the organization. Aqua Team also covers accommodation expenses in a double room.

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