Advanced Open Water Diver


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…make the next move!

From your first underwater moments, you realize that the adventure has just begun!

No doubt, we all want to discover more, to see new locations, do as much as possible underwater and finally get the ultimate satisfaction from our diving experiences.

The second scuba diver level, the Advanced Open Water, is relatively easy to get, quite soon after the Open Water Diver.

Though it is best for someone to have a few dives after the end of the courses of the first certificate, it is not obligatory. After all we can begin right after the first certificate, or to combine the two courses together.

After all, this course is nothing more than an extension of the Open Water Diver, with a series of specialized dives that enable the diver to gain extra diving experience and larger self confidence in issues of equipment and dive planning.

This course is probably the most flexible and poses no pressure on your schedule.

It particularly includes 5 dives, with equivalent small briefings – theories for the corresponding dives.

What are these?

The Deep Dive and Underwater Navigation are two of the obligatory dives. You get to choose the three that interest you the most, out of a list that your trainer suggests and naturally the local environment permits.

[For example Photography, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Night Dive, Dive with Enriched Air, Video, Search and Recovery, Fish Identification, Underwater Naturalist, Dry suit etc.]

As mentioned before the theory is covered at your convenience, either with self-study from the book or DVD “Adventures in Diving” that we will supply you with, as well as the knowledge quiz that you will have to complete later, and the dives that we will carry out. You can also arrange to have your lessons in 3 to 5 sessions at our school with an instructor.

The dives in the sea can take place along with the theory, or following it. Neither the sequence of the dives, nor the time are important. For example, you can do a dive whenever you wish to, and this dive is credited for your final certification, or you can take an intensive course that includes 1 to 3 dives daily, resulting to the acquisition of the certification in 2 to 3 days.

It all depends on your spirit, your mood and naturally your endurance!

Advanced Open Water enables you to dive to depths up to 40 meters, which is the maximum limit for recreational scuba diving. After attendance of this course you will obtain the certification card of one of the largest diving associations of the world.

The course cost includes everything you will need for your training, such as the book and all necessary equipment, as well as the certification cost, which means that there is no additional cost and you will need nothing else. For information about the prices, take a look at the price lists in the Information section.

Our schools great experience in Advanced Divers training reveals that apart from the compulsory dives (Deep, Navigation), extremely useful is the acquisition of the Peak Performance Buoyancy, where a diver can truly sense the majesty of underwater movement, as well as the use of Enriched Air (EAN or Nitrox), since it appears that very soon this will be the gas that all divers will breathe underwater. After that, any other dive, such as Photography, Night, etc. according to individual interest.

Thus, by completing the Advanced, you will have a strong groundwork and experience for the continuance of your diving experience.

After all, all the Advanced dives can be credited for the corresponding Specialties. Take a look at the Specialties and you will see that adventure never ends!

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