Dive in to the History




It was one of the 2nd World War days when the little cargo ship, Greek flagged, NIKI sailed from Piraeus to carry essential supplies and food to the Allies in the Middle East.
While sailing off Kythnos Island southeast, was attacked by German planes.

The captain turned his small boat to Kythnos in order to avoid the attack, but also to be closer to the shore.

But the resistance and maneuvers not last long, the ship began to burn and sink slowly. To save the crew and possibly the cargo, the captain took his mind to turn to Agios Stefanos bay of Kythnos and took the boat in the shallows.

There are no details about the fate of the crew, but there is sufficient information on the vessel.

The ship sank few meters from the shore. The load was food and sacks of flour, so soon people from the island gained an unexpected, free, food source.

The time was really tough and everything was valuable. For this reason, the abandoned ship soon stripped of anything that would be useful and even the wooden deck became firewood.

Over the years the half sunk ship disappeared from the surface and the constant motion of the sea carried it to its final and present position.
At this time the remains of NIKI that can be seen are the sides of the hull, while most clear is the bow section. At the rear, where the cabins were, there are more evidences, as part of the rudder and propeller at the stern.

Diving the NIKI is a unique experience for everyone.

Allow yourself to relax in the Aegean Sea and travel in to the history. Navigate the small shipwreck of 2nd World War, the NIKI cargo ship.

The shallow depth, makes it easily accessible to every level of experience. Even people with no previous experience, can by following a short theoretical and practical course prior to visit.

Our experienced instructors will always be with you ensuring comfort, safety and enjoyment.

The water is bright and clear with great visibility and many small fish around. The underwater tour is around the ship, first we explore the bow and head towards the stern where there is a possibility of short penetration. Finally we explore the propeller and the rudder, then we swim along the hull along the right side of the ship to move in a lovely classic anchor of English Admiralty type and then say goodbye to the wreck and head for the coast.

During the dive will be photographing and videotaping, so you can receive numerous photographs and a beautiful video from your activity.

At the end you will receive a certificate for this Historical Diving!

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