Multilevel – Computer Diving

Get the chance to know what happens to our body during every dive. Monitor and comprehend gas absorption and release in our body and take control, using advanced diving computers.

This specialty does not appear so interesting at first, but it is probably the only one which will really make us understand what happens to our body during a dive and how you can plan and perform a dive in the best way.
During the highly comprehensive theory lessons, 6 hours in total, you will learn about decompression theory and the use of diving computers. You will also refer to tables for the calculation of multilevel diving and their application in practice.

During the 2 open sea training dives you will perform multilevel dives, which will be planned with the help of tables and computers.

This specialty is a great chance to review your knowledge and acquire new information on decompression theory.
It is a specialty that will help you understand exactly how our tissues absorb and release nitrogen during a dive and perform safe dives.

Required Certification: Open Water Diver, Junior OWD or similar certification.
Minimum Age Requirement: 12

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