Aqua Team is the first and the most rebreather friendly Dive Center in Greece and welcomes divers who wish to dive on their own rebreathers. We also can offer rebreather try dives, training from Level 2 (40 metres, no deco) to Level 5 Explorer (no depth limit) and instructor training on the following units: Hammerhead, Megalodon, JJ-CCR and Submatix.

Closed circuit Rebreathers is the revolution in recreational and technical diving over the last few years offering tremendous advantages for all types of diving. By moving from open circuit to closed circuit diving you can reduce the amount of gas you consume which is particularly important and more cost efficient as you dive deeper and longer. With rebreathers the consumption does not change with depth, closed circuit systems are as gas efficient at 10m as they are at 100m. With 2 or 3 litre cylinders someone can dive for almost 3-8 hours at any depth. As the majority of technical diving is below 30m, these systems are ideal for maximizing the full advantages of Nitrox.

This means that instead of planning a Nitrox mix for a given depth, the rebreather constantly changes the mix to the best for the depth you are at. This way the system is continually changing the oxygen content to maximize 02 levels, and therefore minimize Nitrogen levels. By doing this closed circuit systems can increase your dive time over conventional open circuit or semi-closed rebreather Nitrox diving. Because the gas mix you are breathing is ideal for the depth you are, the decompression times are much reduced.

As closed circuit rebreathers are more complicated pieces of equipment than traditional open circuit systems, they require more training. However, using these systems should not be beyond the realms of most competent divers and if you hold an Advanced and Nitrox certification and have good buoyancy control, then CCR diving should not be too difficult.

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