Rescue Diver


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Challenge yourself!

For those who want something more from recreational diving and wish to learn the skills of a Rescue Driver.
It is the course that gives confidence and self-assurance to every diver and is essential for any further training in our diving career.
It includes action and motion, and calls for wit, mental and physical agility.

The third and last diploma in recreational diving is Rescue Diver.
Knowledge of First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a necessary requirement for this diploma. A First Aid or CRP course can be taken at our school, following a schedule matching your personal preferences and available hours. For more information, take a look at First Aid Courses. If you have already taken this course at another school, you can continue with Rescue Driver.
The Rescue Driver course provides much theoretical background, giving the diver the necessary knowledge for every possible case of rescue. During these lessons the diver will learn to identify possible dangers, prevent accidents and undertake different kinds of rescue on dry land, at sea and underwater.
Theory lessons comprise of a number of activities in safe waters, followed by practice training in the form of seminars in the open sea.

This course’s flexibility is a given fact. However, it is recommended not to permit long periods between lessons, since this way many thing will be forgotten and will have to be repeated.
Specifically, you’ll complete 5 or 6 training dives, with relevant briefings and theory lessons on all respective dives.

You can study all theory lessons at your own convenience, studying from a book or a Rescue Diver DVD that will be provided to you, followed by completing the questionnaires on the respective training issues. It is recommended, though, that you take some theory lessons with your instructor, so that you consolidate it better. In the end you take the final test, which serves as proof of your acquired knowledge.

During or after theory lessons, you will perform your training dives.
Practice training begins with exercises whose objective is identifying danger, self-rescue, response from land or boat and surface rescue exercises.
You will perform many activities that call for swimming and a fit body.
You will then perform underwater activities with simulation of different incidents, and combinations of underwater and surface incidents.
All activities will be repeated many times and in multiple ways, until you are completely comfortable with them in confined waters and will later on be repeated in the form of seminars in the open sea.
There, divers are asked to carry out different kinds of rescue using already acquired knowledge and apply everything they learned in previous training dives and theory lessons.
Usually, the practice training calls for 5 long training dives, but sometimes a sixth dive or more is necessary.

Rescue Diver is a truly challenging diploma; It doesn’t focus the main part of the training on the divers themselves, but on their diving buddies or others divers on the team. After attending this course, you will, of course, obtain a certification card by one of the biggest diving organizations in the world, as well as a diploma.

The course cost includes everything you will need for your training, such as the book and all necessary equipment, as well as the certification cost, which means that there is no additional cost and you will need nothing else. For information about the prices, take a look at the Pricelists in the Information section.

Rescue Diver!
Challenge yourself!

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