TriMix Explorer (TMD)

ANDI’s Tri-Mix Diver Level 5 TMD course is the ultimate certification for Deep Explorer divers. The course takes divers to a maximum depth of 100m using tri-mix gases with unlimited decompression and equipment configurations. The TMD course lasts includes both theory and open water sessions. Within the TMD course the primary aim is to develop what you have learn within the ERD and ITM courses and enable you to plan and safely execute dive missions to a depth limit of 100m. As part of the TMD course divers will learn to use dive-planning software to maximize the efficiency of using tri-mix gases.

Within the four open water sessions that are part of this course you will make dives using different equipment configurations and gas mixtures. Dives will be made using twin sets and stage tanks with an unlimited configuration of equipment and gas mixtures using Safe Air, oxygen and helium. The maximum depth of dives within the TMD course is 100m with an unlimited decompression run time and unlimited equipment configurations.

In order to participate in this course you must be an ERD qualified diver with a minimum of 200 logged dives.

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