Equipment Specialist

Learn about the function, proper use and maintenance of essential diving equipment and face possible problems on you own, saving time and money.

How many times have you faced equipment problems and felt unable to do something about them?
How many times have you missed out on a dive because of a small detail that failed in your gear, which you didn’t predict or were unable to handle?
The Equipment Specialist course does not call for training dives, but gives you thorough knowledge relating to simple or more complex problems that could cause you to abort a dive or waste money on an unnecessary gear service.
In about 6 hours of theory and hands-on sessions, you are also given the chance to try new or unfamiliar kinds of equipment.

The course objective is to familiarize divers with the equipment function and maintenance. It is not an equipment repair course.
Theory includes diving equipment principles and function, commonly suggested care and maintenance procedures, as well as equipment storage.
It also includes common problems that we face with our equipment and professionally recommended maintenance procedures.
Finally, simple suggestions are made on easy equipment set up and an introduction in new equipment and technologies.
Required Certification: (Junior) Scuba Diver, Open Water Diver, Junior Open Water Diver or similar certification.
Minimum Age Requirement: 10

Aqua Team also offers more specialized courses relating to equipment maintenance and repair for those who are interested in something more.
We also offer lessons for diving centres technicians and Apeks, Bare, Cochran, Suunto, Submatix equipment technicians.
For more information, click on Technicians Courses.

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