Loutra is a small fishing village in the northeast of Kythnos. It took its name from the hot springs located here.

Loutra is probably the most beautiful and touristic village of Kythnos, without harming the traditional image of it. A tranquil bay, with its characteristic bridge of the mines, the family chateau Mazarakis, the thermal baths built by King Otto and the traditional white houses with colored windows in the surrounding hills.

In the middle of the whole landscape the Loutra Marina welcomes boats daily and visitors from around the world. Here is docked our diving boat Aqua Dancer.
Everything here is close. In walking distance you will find three hotels, number of rented rooms for every wallet, cafes, taverns and beaches to enjoy the sun and crystal waters.

The beach of Loutra with the outfall of the hot springs, the Schinari Beach with trees and clear waters and Maroulas several minutes of walk farther.
In Loutra there is a small grocery store, a bakery and gift shop. Most likely it is that you will not miss anything, but if you need something more, you will find it in the Port or Merichas 20 minutes farther by car, taxi or bus.

The evenings here are quiet, no loud nightlife, just places to enjoy a drink or a sweet, listening to music, gazing the stars or relaxing.
From the Loutra you can easily visit the beaches of Agios Sostis, Potamia, scenic Agia Irini and follow the adventure trail to the Middle Ages castle with indescribably wild landscape and incredible sea view!

Cycling fans can really enjoy wild mountain trails and friends of the sea can enjoy some small and inaccessible my road beaches of Livadaki, Mamakou or many others.
Visiting Loutra do not wait exciting life, nor crazy late nights and wild fun, here you will find peace, tranquility and contact with nature.

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