SCR Rebreather Diver

Dive into the future using the most up-to-date devices. Longer bottom time, lower consumption, comfort and safety is what rebreathers now have to offer.

Diving with Rebreathers has many advantages compared to open circuits.
First of all, noiseless diving really helps us get closer to underwater life, especially in Greece, where fish are afraid of the divers’ noise. Rebreathers offer marvelous pictures, making them number one in the preferences of underwater photographers and videographers.

Second, the diver’s self-sufficiency is increased at a rate impossible to achieve with a standard tank, even an 18 lt one. And all that just with a 2 lt tank.

The whole system does not weigh more than 15 kilos. Submatix Rebreathers can adapt to every BC, thus optimizing comfort, adjustment and easiness, using the BCD you are familiar with.

What is more, warm breath air and Nitrox add many advantages to our safety and enjoyment.

Take this unique specialty course and enjoy your lessons in a fun, hospitable and friendly environment that Aqua Team knows how to offer.

Training includes at least 3 theory lessons, where issues relating to Rebreather technique, production and function are discussed. The lessons also include theory on the use of Nitrox and mixtures containing more than 40% in oxygen. Gear configuration is also part of the training, as well as the use of diving computers with Rebreathers.
If you are not a Nitrox diver, you can complete your Nitrox training at the same time.
Four diving sessions will be conducted.
One takes places in shallow waters, where we learn how to dive with Rebreathes and train in activities with which we were not familiar.
During the next dive in deeper waters, we repeatedly apply what we learnt in shallow waters. We are also given a lot of time to swim in different configurations and perform emergency rescue activities.
During the next two dives we will have plenty of time to use Rebreathers, perform our plan and enjoy real dives with these innovative devices.
We must stress that between dives the diver assembles and disassembles the system many times, so that he or she consolidates the whole procedure and performs a series of necessary controls, thus ensuring the equipment’s unobstructed function.

The course is fun and easy, one which widens our horizons and knowledge!
Required Certification: Advanced Open Water Diver and Nitrox Diver or similar certification
Minimum Age Requirement: 15
at least 50 dives.

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