We have brand new diving equipment of the highest standards and top end manufacturers.

30 like new LUXFER aluminium air cylinders are at your disposal .
11lt with 207 bars (3000PSI) and a DIN or YOKE valve.

We also have 6lt steel tanks for children, 10lt steel ones for those who prefer a smaller tank. If you need larger tank we can have, upon previous notification and an additional cost, 15lt steel tanks. Please note that we will need at least one week prior to your arrival the notification for 15lt tanks.

For technical dives we offer sets of 11lt twin cylinders.

Also, 20 brand new LUXFER aluminium cylinders for NITROX use, of 7 and 11lt capacity.
Of course for the more experienced divers we have LUXFER aluminium pony, sling or staged deco cylinders, in 3, 7, and 11lt sizes.

Our regulators are naturally the APEKS ATX 40 with a DS4 first stage, an ATX40 octopus and an APEKS two-device-console – depth gauge and pressure gauge. All regulators are in top condition, with a light and small second stage, a silicon mouthpiece and a yoke (Int) adapter.

Diving with the best also means diving with high end, quality equipment. What else could we have but the COCHRAN diving computers by Undersea Technology? Divers and students can use the EMC20H computer, which features use of 3 NITROX gases and TRIMIX, automatic switch from one gas blend to another underwater and use of a Rebreather.

Made to last for long and fit well, the beautiful BARE suits are available for our divers, to suit their every need and dive style. 2mm shorties, 3mm or 5mm full body ones, 5mm vests and hoods, all in men’s, women’s and junior’s sizes. You will always feel comfortable, in all dives and temperatures.

Our BCDs are the BEAVER Lightning and BEUCHAT Masterlift sport. They are in top condition to ensure smooth function.
Wings by APEKS are also available for technical dives.

Masks, snorkels and fins could only be by the best manufacturers. BARE, BEAVER and CRESSI. Different types, sizes and style to fit all. Our fins are always full foot ones from CRESSI. BARE 2mm socks are also available if you are cold.

For those of you who require something extra or something very specific, we have small accessories and gadgets by BEAVER (UK). Several small handy items such as torches, digi lines, SMBs, clips etc.
If you want to train in diving with a Rebreather or just give its unique sensation a try, you can use the JJ-CCR or Submatrix Rebreathers.

Should you want, you can have your diving experiences in camera film, CD-ROM or even a DVD film to take back home. Our experienced team uses only the best by NIKON, LIGHT & MOTION, SEA LIFE, SEA & SEA, SONY, GO PRO and IKELITE.

Come at Aqua Team and enjoy diving with the best diving gear.

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