Diver Propulsion Vehicle

Speed, comfort, enthusiasm. DVPs or Diver Propulsion Vehicles are here to make our lives easy and fun. Cover distances in minimum time and fatigue. Learn how to use, maintain and dive with a DVP with this specialty.

Build up your performance and enthusiasm!
Train on using an underwater scooter and gain unbelievable benefits.
Using a DPV you can cover distances you would not be able to otherwise. You cover those distances in such a short time, that you truly use your bottom time to the fullest.
During the two theory lessons you will train in DPV use and adjustment. You’ll learn how to maintain one and face possible problems.
During the training dives you will try different ways of swimming, receive training on trouble-shooting and cover unbelievably long distances in minimum time.
Diving with a scooter helps us discover new locations, cover long distances without fatigue or too much gas consumption.
It is a great experience and buying a DPV will certainly become an obsession!
Required Certification: Open Water Diver, Junior Open Water
Diver or similar certification

Minimum Age Requirement: 12

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