Deep Diver

Conquer deep waters safely and comfortably. Specialize in planning and performing dives at the depth limits of recreational diving.

With this specialty you will be trained in planning and performing deep dives to the depth limits of recreational diving (40 meters).
Training does not only include dives, but also 4 comprehensive theory lessons relating to deep diving physics, physiology, equipment and procedures.
4 dives are performed in order to apply all knowledge acquired in real conditions.
During this course you will be taught decompression theory and gas physics, apart from physics and physiology. You will also learn about consumption and estimate air consumption and supply, as well as dive using tables and computers.
You will also extensively use the following equipment: spool, DSMB, spare tank, torches etc.
You will also learn to plan deep dives, and perform in emergency and dangerous circumstances.

The deep diving specialty is only an introduction to advanced training and special diving levels, such as technical diving, and is a requirement for other specialties.

Required Certification: Adventure Diver (or similar, from another scuba diving organization equivalent to Advanced Open Water Diver of PADI or ANDI)

Minimum Age Requirement: 15

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