Tec diving courses 2

Individual private Technical diving courses

Get the Technical Diver certification you wish, with the best training conditions, safety, knowledge and great diving, in a unique and beauty environment.
For the entire Summer period, in Aqua Team Kythnos, you can become a technical diver or upgrade your technical certification to higher level with unique private courses!
If you wish to have any technical diving certification, take the opportunity and enjoy an exclusive, special course designed just for you.
The courses can be:

  • Technical Diver up to 40m. Using Nitrox and having decompression stops.
    • PADI Tec40 (as Nitrox50 and as 10′ deco) cost 400 Euro
    • ANDI Technical SafeAir (up to 100% O2 and up to 30 ‘deco) 500 Euro
  • Technical Diver up to 45m.
    • PADI Tec45 (up to 100% O2, without deco limit) 450 Eur
  • Technical Diver up to 50m.
    • ANDI Extended Range and PADI Tec50 (all Nitrox as well as O2 without limits of bottom time and decompression). 550 Euro + Gases
  • Technical Trimix Diver Normoxic.
    • ANDI Technical Trimix Diver (all gases and use of normoxic trimix to 50m. and deco up to 45 ‘) 500 Euro
    • ANDI Intermediate Trimix (use of normoxic trimix up to 60 m. Without bottom and deco time limits) 550 Euro + Gases
  • Technical Trimix Diver Hypoxic.
    • ANDI Trimix Diver (No limits for gases, bottom time, depth and decompression) 800 Euro + Gases

Choose two of the above courses and Aqua Team offers you one week of free accommodation.
Contact us for prerequisites and equipment, as well as course details.

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