Recreational diving 2

Individual private Recreational dives

Book 3-4 days with double dives from the shore and boat or even night and enjoy our exclusive service.
Immerse yourself in reefs full of life, caves, shipwrecks and other underwater attractions full of interesting stuff, depending on your experience and desire.
Our packages are:

  • 3 days with 6 dives 300 Euro
  • 3 days with 7 dives 350 Euro
  • 4 days with 8 dives 400 Euro
  • 4 days with 9 dives 450 Euro
  • 4 days with 10 dives 500 Euro

Equipment, air tanks, dives up to 60-75 minutes, night and of course exclusive use of boat, dive guide and diving center use are included.
Nitrox is available for those certified with 10 Euro per day or free if you choose to take the course with us.
ANDI Complete SafeAir (Advanced Nitrox) is recommended.

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