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Private Technical Diving

Kythnos is famous for its wonderful dives!

Magnificent landscapes, full of life! Underwater reefs, walls, wrecks, caves pulsating with life and colors!

But Kythnos is also known for its wonderful, easy and safe technical diving, which combine easy access, incredible visibility, beautiful landscape rich of underwater life, as well as experienced guides for any kind of diving with open or closed circuit .

Diving is ideal especially for those looking for the ease of technical diving, in the range of 40 – 70 meters and for the use of Nitrox or Normoxic Trimix gases.

So one can choose between a 40-meter dive with Nitrox and a long bottom time exploring a deep wall or cave complex, as well as diving with Trimix and depths of 40-65 meters for long stays and decompressing with interest, exploring the endless reefs.

It is a real opportunity for those who want to do a technical course, for those who want to gain experience by logging diving hours and of course for everyone who want to do as many technical dives as possible with comfort and safety.

A week of technical diving in Kythnos will make you think that there is really Recreational Technical Diving !!!

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