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ANDI Instructor Training Facility

Aqua Team is an ANDI Training Facility

ANDI’s complete program is offered at Aqua Team’s Kythnos diving center

ANDI has introduced internationally reckognized to the highest level standards and procedures. It continues to stand at the top of diving equipment, using quality and easy to read instruction manuals and modern E-Learning, while its standards reassure students that its diving centers operate with the foremost safety in matters of gas and gear quality.

The rest of diving organisations in their effort to keep up with ANDI in matters of Nirox technology and Technical Diving, weren’t able to reach ANDI quality standards.

ANDI is committed to perfection in providing high quality services worldwide and to the close observation of the diving sector’s rapid developments, no matter the cost!

If you choose perfection… You choose ANDI.

ANDI Training programmes offered by Aqua Team:

Recreational Diving
· Junior Sport Diver (JSD).
· Open Water Diver (OWD).
· Advanced Open Water Diver (AOW).
· Rescue Diver (RSD).
· Divemaster (CDM).
· Assistant Instructor (ASI).
· Open Water Instructor (OWI).
Dive Medic
· Oxygen Administration Provider (OXP).
· CPR Provider (CPR).
· Oxygen Administration Instructor (OXI).
· CPR Instructor (CPI).
· First Aid Provider (FAP).
· Dive Medic (CMD).
· Dive Medic Instructor (DMI).

· SafeAir Diver (SAD).
· Complete SafeAir User (CSU).
· SafeAir Instructor (SAD & CSI).
· Gas Blender (CGB).
· Gas Blender Instructor (GBI).
· Service Technician (CST).
· Service Technician Instructor (STI).
· Technical SafeAir Diver (TSD).
· Technical Tri-Mix Diver (TΤD).
· Technical Divemaster (TDM).
· Technical SafeAir Instructor (TSI).
· Extended Range Diver (ERD).
· Extended Range Instructor (ERI).
· Intermediate Tri-Mix Diver (ITM).
· Tri-Mix Diver (TMD).
· Tri-Mix Instructor (TMI).
(JJ-CCR, Hammerhead, Megalodon, Submatix)

· Rebreather Intro (ICC).
· Rebreather Diver (CCR).
· Rebreather Instructor (RBI).
· Technical Rebreather Diver (TRD).
· Technical Rebreather Instructor (TRI).


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