Food on Kythnos is wonderful!

Whichever restaurant you choose, you will definitely enjoy top quality food. Local recipes and other delicacies always at very good prices.

From Kantouni and Mirra in Merichas, to the Steki of Ntetzis in Chora and from the picturesque restaurants of Loutra, to the beautiful Agia Irini and Aria’s, or to Apokrousi and the wonderful Baiocco, try everything, drink your ouzo and relax while looking sea…

A special seaside restaurant located on the beach of Apokousis.
It is the ultimate all day destination of Kythnos as here you can enjoy the crystal clear sea, Delicious Brunch, Specialty Coffee, Cool Cocktails and Creative Mediterranean Dishes that you can accompany with over 40 wine labels.

For the summer season, the friends of Aqua Team, enjoy many privileges in selected restaurants of Loutra!
In Bairaki, Gefsithea, Boccata and of course our neighbor MamaDo!

MamaDo beautifully combines cultures and ideas from around the world, creating delicious dishes and amazing cocktails. All together accompanied by wonderful music and a cool atmosphere!
MamaDo offers exclusive discounts to Aqua Team friends! Ask us and do not miss the opportunity for wonderful evenings with music, good food and cool drinks !!!


The passion for good food characterizes Bairaki. Taste the fava beans, grilled squid, chicken skewers and lobster spaghetti and you will not regret any of your choices. Taste is simple and clear, first class appetizers to accompany your wine or ouzo, clink the glass and share bites of joy and delight. In one of the most central and well-known locations of Kythnos, in Loutra, with the endless blue beautifying every scene and the island atmosphere surrounding the place, the Cycladic tavern Boccata from early noon to night offers dishes of special taste value, made of the best ingredients you can find in the Greek land and sea.

At the Loutra Marina, you can also enjoy a wonderful handmade ice cream or an amazing crepe at FroZen and spend beautiful moments early in the morning with breakfast, until late at night with a drink in Souare.

Souare is a multifunctional cafeteria & cocktail bar, located in the perfect spot with views of the marina. The ideal location to enjoy evenings while indulging into a freshly made cocktail or delicious smoothie. Visit Souare in the morning for a sumptuous breakfast and coffee or any time of the day for brunch or lunch and enjoy our extensive selection of fresh juices, delicious dishes and drinks or taste our unique selection of refreshing cocktails.

Favorite places for coffee and drinks are Carnagio and Sailor!

A little further on Schinari beach, we enjoy a wide variety of dishes and traditional environment, in Katerina with the most beautiful terrace of Loutra.
Finally, homemade food and meat eating, in Koutsikos, a little further away, at the entrance of Loutra, with friendly prices and good company.

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