The food in Kythnos is wonderful!

Whichever restaurant you choose, you will definitely enjoy top quality food. Local recipes and other dishes always at very good prices.

From “Kantouni” in the Port of Merihas to “Ntetzi” at Chora and the picturesque restaurants of Loutra, to the beautiful Agia Irini and “Aria’s”, try every diferent kind of local specialties, sip ouzo and relax dazing the sea…
For the whole summer, divers friends Aqua Team, enjoy special treatment at selected restaurants of Loutra!

In “Bairaki”, “Gefsithea”, “Boccata” and of course to our neighbours “MamaDo” !
The Creperie “Gefsithea” offer tasteful crepes, but also the best pizza and many more dishes as well ice cream and cakes.

Close to Loutra at Schinari beach “Katerina”, offers fine appetizers, great traditional dishes that can easily suit your ouzo or raki drink.

Homemade and tasteful Greek food you can find at our friend’s Restaurant “Koutsikos”, with good prices and good company!

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