From the very first day of our diving center’s operation, our aim has always been to offer you services and quality equipment of the highest standards. Combined with our service in the best possible, friendly and professional manner, our goals are fulfilled and you have a better time.

Our first priority is to approach the diver – friend cordially.
The excellent organization, up-to-date information and ambiance ensure that your stay at our diving center will be smooth and comfortable.

For your safety we offer the best equipment, always in top condition.
The breathing air and all gases that are produced by us and used at your diving activities are extra clean, produced by high end quality equipment and maintained and tested on a daily basis by specialized personnel.
We have super-clean Air compatible with oxygen, Enriched air with 30-32% oxygen (Nitrox), Pure Oxygen, and any other Nitrox for a decompression mix. We will soon have Helium mixes too.

We have every piece of diving equipment to rent. However, we DO NOT rent diving equipment to divers who do not dive with our center. We rent only snorkeling gear. Furthermore, we NEVER fill tanks other than the ones of the diving center.

For your convenience, we have big, specially designated fresh water tanks to rinse equipment and we use separate ones for different items.
We offer water, juice and snacks at each dive and water, coffee and tea at the diving center.
We have special hangers and ample space in shelves to put away your gear and personal items.

There is also free WI-FI, if you don’t want to lose your connection to the world…

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