Everything is easy at Aqua Team.

Our premises are spacious, clean and comfortable. Our patio and our big table with the benches our pride and joy.
You can spend several hours here and have a nice time. Our kitchen with plenty of cold or hot water, our fridge and a lot of snacks are at your disposal.
The place is shady, cool and protected from the wind. Enjoy your coffee or refreshment with us, or relax with a book between the dives.

Restrooms and showers are available throughout the day.

In our shop you will find a variety of clothing and accessories in the summer colors. A great variety of diving equipment is available at very good prices.
We have nothing but the best for our diving friends.

Plenty and ample, clean storage spaces. Special personal hangers for the equipment and airy space for any wet items.
Service room for mending and good music.

We should definitely mention the separate fresh water tanks for different parts of equipment, the small baskets to dry out tiny items and the spacious and shady place for the suits and BCDs.

In addition we should note that you needn’t carry anything at all. And if you want, you don’t even have to think about your equipment. It will be waiting for you before the dive and it will be correctly cleaned and put away in the evening.

It should be mentioned that our diving center is quite accessible for people with disabilities, with wheelchair accessible areas, toilet and shop accessible, as well as trained staff for any support. The access to the boat and the sea, as well as the boat itself are accessible as much as possible.
If there is a specific need we are always at your disposal to adjust anything needed to help.

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