Technician Instructor

Individual private Technicians Instructor courses

Not all trainers of any organization are considered complete if they cannot offer mixtures of NITROX enriched gases and TRIMIX mixtures. Also, every trainer must know how to maintain equipment and visual inspection of tanks.
What could be better than being able to train for the above services?
Become an ANDI Gas Blender Instructor, or Service Technician and Visual Inspection Technician.
ANDI programs are complete and meet all the requirements and the strictest standards in great detail.
ANDI is the first organization in the world to bring technician training in mixing and equipment maintenance to the general diving public! At the moment, few trainers can offer these programs!
What is you excuse not to become one of those?
The courses are very intensive lasting from 3 days to one week at the unique price of 300 Euros per course or 700 Euros for the package of 3.
The price includes all the costs for the course, certification, exams and annual fee for the firstyear to the organization.

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