Technical Diving

Aqua Team conducts TECHNICAL and Rebreather, during which a diver will be trained at decompression diving and the use of mixed gases for depths and bottom times beyond recreational diving.

Aqua Team and its professional staff, have many years of experience in Technical Diving. At our dive center we offer the best Technical Diving Training using Open or Closed circuit systems and all types of gases. Dive at the great depths and stay for long while enjoy underwater life and sea tranquility.
Aqua Team is an ANDI Dive Center for technical dive training on both Open Circuit and Closed Circuit Rebreather systems up to instructor levels we teach the Hammerhead, Megalodon, JJ-CCR and Submatix units.

From its formation in 1988 ANDI International (American Nitrox Divers Incorporated ) has grown to become one of the world’s fastest growing diver training agencies. ANDI began by specializing in training programs using Enriched Air (SafeAir). As a natural evolution from this ANDI has developed extensive training programs for both Technical and Closed Circuit diving.

Introduction to Technical Diving
Intro to Tec Diving

Recreational to Technical Intermediate Course
Complete Safe Air Diver (CSU)

Technical Diving
Technical Safe Air Diver (TSD)
Technical Tri Mix Diver (TTM)
Extended Range Diver (ERD)
Intermediate Tri Mix Diver (ITM)
Tri Mix Explorer (TMD)

Introduction to CCR Rebreather
CCR Introduction (CCI)
Rebreather Diver (CCR)

Technical Diving with CCR Rebreather
Technical Rebreather Diver (TRD)
Closed Circuit Explorer (CCE)

The dates for all TECHNICAL COURSES are set upon request.

For more information on future courses, please contact us.



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