Enriched Air/ NITROX Diver


Nitrox gas, which seemed exotic years ago, is becoming more and more popular.

An increasing number of divers receive training and dive with enriched air and a growing number of diving centers offer them.
And not without a reason!
The wide use of oxygen enriched gases has revealed many advantages over the use of air.
The reasonable use of these gases gives us greater safety combined with longer bottom times, less nitrogen absorption and less fatigue.
Surface interval times are essentially shorter in cases of repeated dives and the benefits are many.
Training for the use of enriched air is flexible and comprises of different stages, matching every schedule and need.
Aqua Team offers two courses from PADI and ANDI.
These courses vary from the first level Nitrox certification, which includes only theory training, to the Complete SafeAir User advanced course by ANDI with 4 comprehensive theory lessons and 4 training dives.
During theory lessons you will learn the terms Nitrox, Enriched Air, EAN, Safe Air etc. and we will discuss their advantages and disadvantages, preparation, analysis and use, as well as the necessary equipment.
During the training dives, you will calculate dive times and the depth down to which you can use your enriched gas and you will dive according to tables and dive computer.
During the most advanced dives we will use a sling or pony tank for greater safety and more air supply.
This course can be completed in combination with our Open Water or any other course.
It is a fun and easy course that widens your knowledge and horizons.
Required Certification: Open Water Diver or similar certification

Minimum Age Requirement: 15

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