Recreational Diving

Sign up now for an exciting program – a diving course with Aqua Team.
We have been training divers of all levels with safely, with knowledge and experience for many years.

Training is conducted based on the standards of some of the largest diving organizations, like PADI and ANDI.
Knowledge is developed in an enjoyable way, adjusted to a vacation framework and an island-style! We always use the suitable educational material and audiovisual means. Practical training (dives) is carried out at beaches with easy access and safe waters and in the open water so there is no need to carry the heavy equipment long distances. Most of the training dives are boat dives.

Our experienced instructors teach the full PADI program through to the Assistant Instructor level, the ANDI program through to Instructor level, but also the DDI program for individuals with special needs and assistants through to the level of Pro Trainer (Instructors’ Trainer).

Special courses for Underwater Photography with the best photography equipment in Greece.
Also, exclusive specialties like diving with a diving computer, underwater scooter (DPV), Rebreathers and many more.

Lastly, we organize seminars on various interesting educational topics.
Dive with Aqua Team and enjoy training far from the ordinary!

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