Night Diver

A different world awaits us there. Dive into the magic of the night and enjoy the unique experience of night marine life!

The night has always fascinated adventure lovers!
The night has always intrigued our imagination and offered new unfamiliar experiences!
At night the sea is even more magical, even more mysterious, and even more beautiful!
A whole new world comes into the light of our torches. A world full of life, colours and things that even the wildest imagination cannot reach.
At night the seabed is not asleep; innumerable new species appear that you have never seen during the day. Many of our frightened friends, during the day, are now fearless in front of us or sleep lying smoothly on rocks or corals.
The colours that appear in front of us are unbelievable and the black background of the night make them stand out even more.
With this specialty you’ll take 3 theory lessons and 3 training dives to learn every secret of night diving.
You will learn the differences between familiar and new procedures. You will familiarize yourself with the extra equipment and the use of light devices. You will perform dives that will remain unforgettable from the first moment.
Night diving is a real chance to take underwater video or photos and a fantastic experience for those of you who wish to observe sea creatures and their behaviour with their own eyes.
Required Certification: Open Water Diver, Junior Open Water
Diver or similar certification

Minimum Age Requirement: 12

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