Aqua Team – Kythnos

Kythnos is a close and easy accessible destination to the main Greece, unknown to many, but hides infinite secrets for nature lovers.
Apart from the many beautiful beaches, the ruins of a middle age castle, the cave with stalactites and of course the traditional Cycladic settlements, Kythnos is an incredibly beautiful, yet rugged, yet warm breathtaking landscape!
Arid Cycladic rock join the infinite blue sky and crystal blue sea.
A tour on the beautiful trails will bring us so close to the grandeur of nature.
The smells and images, along with the cool wind and the drops of salt water give our body energy and relax at the same time.
So drifting away for a few moments make you forget the everyday life and its problems.
Kythnos is so close that our visit does not need complex and many thoughts and preparations.
Grab the first opportunity and get in the Cycladic blue.
For us the divers Kythnos has to offer even more!
There are many who will testify to you, that is one of the best Greek diving destinations.
The intimate environment of Aqua Team, cozy dive center, friendly and helpful staff, but also fast and comfortable boat, the best diving equipment and of course the best breathable gases are there to guide us to some of the most beautiful parts of the Aegean sea.
Vertical walls and reefs full of colors and life, big fish, beautiful corals, caves and underwater passages, make our diving experiences unforgetable.
And of course here life goes slowly and relaxing.
Between dives, enjoy your coffee on the beach, or ouzo with meze while wetting your feet in sea water.
Make your dinner in a quiet seaside tavern or just have a souvlaki sitting on the sand under a sky full of stars.
Nightlife is not at its best on the island!
Surely we can have a drink while listening to some music. The nightlife here though is underwater!
And so Aqua Team is here to support you with daily night diving in places that are full of life! Have a night dive under the bridge of the mines and you will participate in games of nature. Real life scenes and survival evolve in front of your eyes. Night dives on Kythnos means live documentary, only recharge the batteries well and prepare your camera!
If all those look attractive to you then Aqua Team has prepared and highly affordable packages.
Weekend’s packages for a quick and economical getaway for those who already know what they want, as well week packages for an ideal holiday.
Besides that, Kythnos is a place that the lone diver will definitely find a diving center and a group dedicated to this, families will enjoy their holiday in a quiet and safe place for children and the non diving members of your family will never get bored waiting.
Contact us to inform you about of our diving center in Kythnos and of course for our special packages.

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