Technician Courses

Technician’s Programs

Aqua Team has created one of the best Service Centers in Greece, including full support for any piece of diving equipment. Specialized Technicians and Technical Instructors with extensive experience, guide you with the right methods in learning the proper maintenance and repair of pressure regulators, buoyancy compensators, tanks and valves, as well as drysuits, and dive computers.

Aqua Team has also built a couple of the best and most complete gas filling stations, one in our diving center in Porto Rafti and a smaller but with all necessary in Kythnos island.
Our experience has helped us to be the only dive center in Greece to offer full Technicians programs.
These programs include:


  • Oxygen and Safe Air Technician, for Safe Air (Nitrox & O2)
  • Gas Blender, for all breathing gases
  • Apeks Regulator Technician
  • Apeks Equipment Specialist
  • Dry suit repair and maintenance

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