Discover Snorkeling

Take a mask and a snorkel!

Snorkeling is to observe aquatic life, up close and personal, while swimming on the sea surface.
It’s a great way to explore the underwater world when you’re not able to scuba dive or if scuba diving just isn’t your thing. Put on a pair of fins and discover the underwater world!
There is a whole new world down there, full of marvelous colors, plants and animals that so far, you’ ve only seen in movies…
Our experienced instructors are always at your disposal to accompany and cater your every need.

Discover Snorkeling, Discover the Underwater World!

A wonderful activity regardless of age, for the whole family and for every season of the year.
Aqua Team organizes snorkeling excursions by boat or from the shore throughout the Summer and offers you all the necessary equipment, letting you take the most out of this experience.
Excursions last from a few hours to a whole morning.

Ask us for the WW2 Niki Wreck special Snorkeling tour and enjoy the historic wreck of the 2nd World War "Niki" that lays in just 6 meters of water, or the exclusive boat rides for families and friends to a remote beach, to enjoy private snorkeling and swimming, enjoying the underwater world!


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