Dry Suit Diver

Get a dry suit and ignore cold water. The Dry Suit Specialty will teach you all the secrets of dry suit use and maintenance, so that you make the most of this costly investment.

The more you dive during the winter, the more necessary it gets to buy a dry suit. If you plan to engage in technical diving, then it is imperative!
The Dry Suit Specialty will help you familiarize yourself with dry suits quickly and without problems.
With two theory and two training dives, you will learn about all kinds of suits and isothermal suits, discuss their use and maintenance and you train on how to put them on and take them off.
During the sea sessions, you will train in taking your equipment on and off, proper weight distribution and how to get in and out of the water.
Finally, you will swim on the surface and underwater in a number of configurations and conduct buoyancy and problem avoiding exercises.
By using a dry suit, you enjoy real warm diving and, above all, comfort after diving and on the boat.
Post-diving procedures become easy, simple and warm!
The dry suit will let you dive throughout the year, and will enhance your experience and protect our health.
The Dry Suit Specialty will make things simple and easy…
Required Certification: Open Water Diver, Junior Open
Water Diver or similar certification

Minimum Age Requirement: 12

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