Technical Rebreather Diver (TRD)

The Technical Rebreather Diver Level 3 course is an intermediate course which is designed to provide you with the knowledge and experience to the use of Air or Tri-Mix gases for diluent and decompression diving.

The CCR divers that are already Tri-mix Divers in Open Circuit can use trimix as a diluent gas and go to the 50m maximum depth. If only Air certified, can use air diluent and go to a maximum of 40m of depth.

As part of the course you will dive to a maximum depth of 40 or 50 meters with a decompression obligation of maximum 30 minutes. The course covers both general and specific rebreather theory as related to the CCR unit you will be training on.

The course will also introduce you to mission orientated dive planning.

As part of the course you will have 4 open water dives.

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