Open Water / Scuba Diver


The first scuba diver certification is Open Water Diver, which certifies that the diver holding it has all the necessary qualifications to dive using a scuba.
After your training you will be able to dive everywhere in the world, rent diving equipment or continue you training.

All courses can be conducted in various ways and the course is quite flexible, matching your own schedule and free time.

The course includes five theory lessons which can be completed by studying on your own from a book or directly from your smartphone, tablet or PC with the app we 'll provide you. You can also arrange to have your lessons in 3 or 5 sessions at our school with an instructor.
During your course, you will complete a knowledge quiz and talk to your instructor about any questions or things you have misunderstood and in the end you will take a final test.
All this can be done before or even in-between practice lessons, which will be at least nine.


Five training dives in confined waters, beginning with simple activities in shallow water and going as far as all the essential activities that must be gradually completed to a maximum depth of -6 meters.
Afterwards, 4 training dives are conducted in the open sea, the first one is performed at a maximum depth of -6 meters and you gradually reach -18 meters, where you will be called to do in real conditions all you learned in shallow waters.
-18 meters is the maximum depth you will dive to during the first stage of your training.

The total duration can be from an intensive 3-day to a more relaxed 6-day course or more.

If your free time is limited or you don’t want to follow such an intensive course, you can easily take 3 theory lessons, 3 shallow water training dives and only 2 open sea training dives within 2 or 3 days. This way you can take the Scuba Diver certificate, which allows you to dive in the company of professionals, i.e. with a diving center, so that you won’t miss a dive!
Later on you can resume and upgrade your certificate to the Open Water Diver certificate, if you wish so.

After attending this course, you will obtain a certification card by one of the biggest diving associations in the world, as well as a diploma.

The course cost includes everything you will need for your training, such as the book or an e-Learning code and all necessary equipment, as well as the certification cost, which means that there is no additional cost and you will need nothing else. For information about the prices, take a look at the Pricelists in the Information section.

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