Rebreathers 2

Individual private Rebreather courses

Meet the “dark” side of diving!
Train and dive with rebreathers. Our dive center has the greatest experience in the use and training of rebreathers in Greece and the only one that trains in 4 different units.
Spend a week of training with many great dives in an amazing special course. Take the course with JJ-CCR, Megalodon, Hammerhead and Submatix and have a double win if you buy your unit and train with it.

  • Level2 course, up to 40 meters no deco 1000 Euro
  • Level3 course, up to 40 meters with 30′ deco 1000 Euro
  • Level3 course, with trimix up to 50 meters and 45′ deco 1200 Euro
  • Level5 course, up to 100 meters without deco limits 1200 to 1500 Euro

Choose one of the above courses and Aqua Team offers you a week of free accommodation.
You can also take the JJ-CCR course by purchasing your device from us and we give you a 20% discount on your course.
Contact us for prerequisites and equipment, as well as course details.

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