Do you want to get involved professionally with diving?
Are you attracted by the idea to have the sea as your office and the beach the meeting room? Do you want a boat as your work transport and your professional outfit something between a colorful t-shirt with dive flags and a dive suit?
Do you want to do all this with a great success, comfort and good income!
Then Aqua Team is the only way!
Aqua Team’s professional programs, preparing the candidate professional Divemaster, Assistant Instructor or Instructor to be able to face any real condition that can occur in a diving center.

Our programs not only prepare theoretically and practically, but also provide valuable information on the advertising and promotion of services, setting up and administrate a dive school or a diving center, personnel management and more.
Aqua Team’s professionals can directly go to the market and compete at the highest and demanding levels.
Aqua Team offers professional certifications at the following levels:

  • Divemaster
  • Assistant Instructor
  • Instructor
  • Disabled Divers Instructor
  • Disabled Divers Instructor Trainer
  • Nitrox Instructor
  • Gas Blender
  • Gas Blender Instructor
  • Equipment Service Technician & Oxygen Service Technician
  • Equipment Service Technician & Oxygen Service Technician Instructor
  • Apeks Equipment Technician
  • Dry Suit Technician

We also offer advanced training to prepare divers who wish to become professional and commercial divers for underwater operations.

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