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Safety Protocols Summer 2022

After a long Winter, Corona, restrictions and financial issues, the always optimistic and smiling Summer is finally here!

It’s time for everyone to put all the problems aside for a while and finally spend some beautiful and quiet vacation days!

But certainly nothing has passed completely and nothing assures that we will be well to continue for the future. That is why we must choose correctly and prudently how we will do it.

Holidays in Kythnos Greece, look incredibly attractive.

A completely quiet island, even the most popular dates, with almost no cases of coronavirus, sparsely populated and without crowds. In Kythnos, rentals and hotels are always meticulously clean and the island is famous for its cleanliness and tranquility. Residents seem to adhere to and respect protocols so everything seems a little safer here.

It is a generally economical destination, but it will meet every requirement and at the same time it is close to Athens and easily accessible.

Our diving center is ready to welcome divers and friends this Summer as well, adhering to the strictest protocols, as always, regarding safety and protection from COVID-19.

Especially for this summer we will work under very strict prevention and protection procedures, based on procedures of international organizations that we have been trained and we will follow.

Our programs will be on an individual base, personalized and the entire diving center and staff will work for everyone’s safety and pleasure!

So this year there will be individual programs, programs for groups – friends and relatives, as well as family packages. The diving center will only serve them and of course there will be a mini training in the protocols and the safety rules will be strictly observed.

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