Holy Spirit Holiday at June 2nd – 5th

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20 Years Aqua Team Kythnos
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Holy Spirit Holiday at June 2nd – 5th

Whether it’s a holiday for you or not, there’s no better opportunity to enjoy an incredible weekend of diving in Kythnos.

After all, this year we are celebrating our 20th anniversary and we have for you an incredible offer! So it’s the best thing to extend your weekend a little and add Friday or even Monday and “melt” into diving!

We will try to please you with the most beautiful dives in places of unique beauty!

  • Friday to Monday, 3 nights, up to 8 dives, 300 Euro/person
  • Saturday to Monday, 2 nights, up to 7 dives, 250 Euro/person
  • Friday to Sunday, 2 nights, up to 5 dives, 200 Euro/person
  • Saturday to Sunday, 2 nights, up to 4 dives, 170 Euro/person

The overnight stay is in a double (2 people) room.

Overnight stay for non divers 30 Euros.

For a single bed (1 person) additional charge of 25 Euro/Night.

The dives include all the necessary equipment and a night dive with free flashlight rental.

Dive computer or 15 liter tank not included. These should be pre ordered and are charged an extra 10 Euro/day.

Nitrox (28 – 32 % O2) is charged 10 Euro/day.

Dive packages without overnight stay 30 Euro/Dive for a minimum number of 4 dives.

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